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AMA ACADEMY : Can you please introduce yourself and your crypto Journey to the community members?

Max Linx : Hello all 🙂
My name is Max Linx
And i am the project manager of YFiONE.

My journey on crypto started way back 2015 before the major bull run in 2017.

I am charged with a mission to see that YFIONE.FINANCE project succeeds.
And how I’m i doing this?
By making sure the necessary things are put in place and that we complete all required implementations.

Thank you.

Some Question From AMA Academy Team!!


Max Linx : Yearn Finance + One” (YFIONE)

YFIONE is a community driven DeFi-project, orchestrated in building several decentralized products with the aim of producing real Defi values to improve the YFIONE ecosystem.

YFIONE dedicates its efforts to systematically produce new Defi fledged products in One ecosystem to exponentially increase its value, growths and use case.

Imagine more than 1000 decentralized application linked to one Ecosystem powered by one Defi token (The YFO)

So YFiONE in that sense is bringing real value to yield farming. It’s synonymous to venture capital by empowering the decentralized interest-free financial ecosystem, with the aim to distribute revenues as profit shares (rewards) to the stakeholders.

All YFIONE products are linked by YFO Token to achieve the goal of the true meaning of decentralized finance

This ecosystem will be extremely large and continually grow into a completely decentralized system, that is the true meaning of Defi which YFiONE is bringing.


AMA ACADEMY : Now a days , Most of the DeFi project doing scam. Why people will believe in YFiONE?

Max Linx : We are focus with dedicated team who had work on several blockchain projects….We have one mission which is to succeed, so we have great experience to handle projects LIKE YFIONE and to Make it a success due to previous experience.

You can tell YFiONE is already a success with the way we’ve built and done it’s marketing and the communities we’ve built round it.

We are 💯 open to the community and always acknowledge and heed to their advice, which proves we are indeed a community driven DeFi-project.

Thank you.

AMA ACADEMY : YFiONE is a DeFi project. What is the differance between YFiONE and other defi Project?

Max Linx :YFiONE is unique in its own ways just like every other DeFi projects.

But why is YFiONE so different?

YFiONE proofs to be more distinct than other Defi Platform because of its broad visions which i will simplify.

YFiONE is a project that aims to build ‘several Defi applications’ from vague thoughts into completed Defi applications. And this can be simply forking other Defi products or building from scratch.
And YFIONE is basically cutting across different sectors and industries.🚀

This applications we will be building won’t just be 2 or 3 but several of Defi products…We intent on developing ‘platforms’ to help Defi get recognized by mainstream users, media, noncoiners thereby breaking out of the shells of other defi BUBBLES. So this approach already makes YFiONE an unconventional Defi project.

Okay. Let’s start the 2nd segment.

5 Pre-Selected Questions from Twitter Follower’s

Q-1: Token burn is beneficial for any project, in being able to control the number of token
circulation and to provide greater incentives to investors. Does YFiONE have a plan about token burn?

Max Linx : No, we are not looking to burn any tokens since Our token is max and capped at 20,000 $YFO and we already sold 9k of it.
Now back to YFiONE earliest definition.
What is YFIONE?

“A community driven DeFi-project”
Our mission is to be the first Defi Platform govern by the community. We have done numerous of successful Presale Inorder to distribute this tokens to the community members hence making the project a truly decentralized since the team/founders won’t hodl more YFO than the community.

We are looking to sell 13k of this token tk the community, so there is an equilibrium of token distribution then use the 7k remaining for team allocations, marketing, development, Liquidity, pool.

So you see there are no needs to burn since $YFO is getting scarced and limited 🚀🚀🚀😌

Q-2: The YFIONE team says they have a great experience in building projects in the blockchain, can you tell us about the background of the developers?
Since when are they in the world of smart contract programming?

Max Linx : Yes this is true.
We have a rich blockchain background when it comes to marketing and dApp developments as we are made up off several skill sets who has worked and gained previous knowledge from past blockchain projects.

Our devs are high class and also have worked on some popular defi products you might have used.
So we are delivering all what is promised according to the roadmap.

Q-3: Security is very important so,how about YFiONE security systems? Is it enough safe bcos recently many exchanges get hacked and what makes YFiONE different from other project?

Max Linx : First, our smartcontract passed the audit and bug test https://etherscan.io/address/0xac0c8da4a4748d8d821a0973d00b157aa78c473d

Yes security issue matters and that’s why we are taking that into serious consideration and priority.

We have the best tech team who does series of audit on products and on our smartcontract, but we’ve taking further steps to keep our platform secure for our community by allocating security funds to help us keep our platform safer in the future, also we still give our codes to external bodies to take a look incase of any bug issues and ask for fixes….Infact #FundsAreSafu 😉😁

Q-4: As investors we feel a lot of cases where projects dump tokens on
their communities / token holders, and exit without
fulfilling promises made. How can we be sure that YFiONE will not be like that?

Max Linx : Yes that’s true. They are alot of these scams ongoing, especially and related to Defi, but i think and know we are different. How?

First look at what we have achieved so far, from the Community, to our numerous partnerships, exchanges and so on.

Also after Our IDO and upcoming IEO, we will have just 7k YFO left for development and other necessary things since the community has 13k of this tokens. Now tell me, how do we dump such 😅😅 (I think what we should be scared of is the community don’t dump on the project not the team any longer because of the decentralization we are chasing)

Also note that team allocations will be untouched for few months unless needs be or a must to progress.

And this must be announced to the community.

Our IEO also had us sign to deliver as we receive funds from the Korea exchange. And to add we are not monetary driven but to complete our mission to be the first Defi driven platform.

Thank you. Done

Q-5: I would like to have a long term investment with your project but at the moment I have doubts, how can you convince and convince me that this project is very promising?

Max Linx : I won’t have to confuse you very much but i think one needs to do their own research before diving into any project.

While buying in on projects, check how the community reacts. are they happy with the team? are the team relentless? What major goals are the team hitting on?
Their Presale went well? and so on.
DYOR and follow your heart. But the YFiONE is unique in its own ways to elevate.

Thank you.

Thanks , Segment 2 was Awesome!!!

Now time to start segment 3 . For segment 3 , we will open group chat for 90 seconds. Then you can drop your questions here . Maximum 3 questions. We will select 5 Questions.

Max Linx : Excited and ready

5 Best Questions From Telegram Live AMA

Q-1: Even the most successful crypto project has their weakness, Can You tell US the strengths and weaknesses of YFione? What is the star product of this project and how do you plan to make it known?

Max Linx : “Yes every project boasts of their strength but it’s clear everything has a weakness. But to be strong you need to hide your weakness. An army will never show any weakness even while they are afraid of their enemies. It takes courage to be bold, focus to attack and implementations to win and be victorious.”

Even the most successful crypto project has their weakness….. BTC….Eth…the high fee etc but the Army/community wil never let them down and that’s why we have shii here and there.

For YFiONE, our team is strong, our community is the strongest as of defi concerned.

What is our weakness? Unknown yet!!!!!

We don’t know at the moment but as time goes on, this will surface for sure but it’s left for our armies/community to defend us even as we build a better Defi world and patch those weekness to greatness all together with the community help 🙏.

We have numerous products that will be hitting the space sooner and this Ranges from building from scratch or forking other existing projects.

So see YFiONE as am ecosystem of DEFI products.

Done and thank you for your great question.🚀

Thank you.

Q-2: How many partners currently have trusted #YFiONE technology and what benefits do these partners bring to #YFiONE and vice versa?

Max Linx : We have major exchange partnership who has shown us support and announced about our project to their respective communities.

We have partnered with 6 exchanges, 1 staking platform called Ferrum network, Bitkeep, StateofthedApp and so on.

So you can see how far we’ve come.

Q-3: Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

Max Linx : Yes, vulnerability in smartcontract is very bad. So security is needed and $YFO has passed the audit test and its safe to be deployed and use flawlessly on dApps.

Check our audit reports here: https://www.dpanquan.com/so_product?keyword=YFIONE

So the community has nothing to worry about.

Q-4: What was the main inspiration for starting YfiOne Project? What was it in the blockchain space that you felt was lacking and could be solved with YfiOne “versus” the many other existing platforms?

Max Linx : We were Inspired by the term DEFI and decided to even make it better.

We are not here to follow trends, please note that.🚀🚀✅✅

We are here to start a trend, how? by becoming that first ONE platform to rule everything DEFI with our $YFO to rule and use in accessing all our Defi YFiONE products.

We have a growing community and 3 majorly communities, Vietnamese, French,Chinese.
They might be an Ambassador program in the future but nothing is written on stone yet.
Our product is designed to be intuitive and seamlessly use to attract both crypto and non crypto users…our products will be highly used and valuable. This will keep investors for the long term.

👉 To dominate all Defi projects and platforms through our numerous defi products and rich ecosystem.
👉 Break out of the Defi bubble and create our own paradigm.
👉 Change the Defi game
👉 Make Defi easier to use with our improved user interface for seamless operations.

Thank you.

Q-5: While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Max Linx : Yes we do.
As a project manager, you must listen to the voice of the community and use that to improve the project.

All team mate for instance are like they are inside a box so, we need to listen to the community members as they have seen lots of projects than us and considered to be out of the box. So they have different views about the project that can help us on every aspect.

The community members can attest to the fact that i have always been close to them, interacting and sharing ideas together. And countless of time we have listened to what they say and use that to move the project forward.

Thank You


If you want to share any information , You can share

Max Linx : Thank you, and also to everyone here who participated.
To add that our IDO is currently in progress after a successful 3 stage Presale event.
Please always do your own research before diving into projects.

Thank you ☺️

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